Jual Baju Koko Tangan Pendek - Daerah Rantau

Jual Baju Koko Tangan Pendek - Daerah Rantau
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CategoryBaju Koko Tangan Pendek
Types of productsLocal
Weight80 grams

Khimar Brya is made from chiffon. The material is cool, the ration is used, not stiff, right on the face, making a face that doesn't look round.

Looks simple and elegant with a combination of two layers and a buton button.

The pattern is very simple, very suitable for those of you who migrate :), more beautiful.

Color ready:
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Moka
  • Gren
  • Dusty
  • Blue
  • Salem
  • Navy
  • Maroon

  • Ingredients
  • Not easily tangled
  • Bending / falling down to be easy to form
  • Light, smooth and soft texture. comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Ready colors are all variations. The product photo above is only a reference with a maximum similarity level: 90% -80%, depending on the screen resolution and the color of the stock of fabric available from the fabric stock. Agree to mean to buy.

    Please specify the color information Backup when the order to avoid the terpending order is anticipated to cause a quick turnaround of the item, if you want to wait for the color to be ordered, return the order (around 1-3 days)
    EVERY COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS is not entirely a mistake on our part as the sender, because we also cooperate with expeditions both POS, JNT and JNE. We are ready to help with pleasure.